Predictive Dialer - Blitz

The Fastest & Most Powerful Predictive Dialer for Sales and Lead Generation
Connect With a
Large Audience

gPlex® Blitz allows a business to contact vast number of its potential customers with minimum number of agents in minimum time.


gPlex® Blitz allows to configure and propagate pre-recorded messages (Robo-call) to target audience when the call recipient answer such calls.

Agent Efficiency

Blitz helps to dramatically increase time your call center agents spend with live people. It predicts availability of number of agents to take calls.

Feedback and
Survey Calls

By using gPlex® Blitz you may conduct regular or special surveys or take feedbacks regarding events, opinion, or on your services and products.

Call More and Close More
With gPlex Blitz

Blitz is an automatic dialer that has the power to help your contact center maximize their productivity & improve contact rates by up to 200% to 400%

What is a Blitz Used for?

In today’s digital era, every second is valuable. To make the most of the outbound calling, gPlex Blitz is specifically designed to reach the most number of customers in the shortest possible time.

Blitz uses advanced algorithms to ensure your call centers can effectively minimize their waiting time while maximizing the talk time and driving in more conversions.

After all, the more the leads, the more sales it will be!

Smart and Powerful Predictive Dialer

Take your Customer’s Experience to Newer Heights with gPlex Blitz!