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Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple survey that is used by companies to measure customer loyalty, identify the areas for organic growth, improve customer retention and prevent a high customer churn rate.

The survey question can be as simple as, “How likely are you to recommend a business, product or service to your friends and family?”

Though the survey methodology might seem easy and manageable in theory, but performing the market research, analyzing the customer’s data and making their feedback actionable is quite difficult in practice.

This is where the gPlex Net Promoter Score (NPS) software comes to play!

It is a simple, flexible and effective tool to improve customer experience.

gPlex CSAT

Measure, Analyze and Improve Customer Satisfaction!

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How does NPS work?

gPlex Net Promoter Score is a powerful survey tool that can be used to effectively record and analyze the NPS responses on digital platforms.
Though these surveys are comparatively simple and cheap to distribute, the NPS software offers a more effective and comprehensive way to gauge customer satisfaction.
Customer feedback can be easily gathered and analyzed, and then action can be taken accordingly. Thanks to the gPlex NPS survey tool! Plus, having gPlex in place enables you to:

  • Quickly generate the NPS surveys.
  • Sending NPS surveys across several channels.
  • Measure both relational and transactional NPS.
  • Identify various target markets.
  • Run multiple surveys at the same time.
  • Analyze and report the findings.