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gPlex SMS Blaster/Text Blaster is sending a message to a particular business to thousands of people at a time. Within a single click, businesses can disseminate a message to a large number of people. However, the service of SMS Blaster/Text Blaster comes with a number of advantages. Which will help businesses a lot and provide them with a complete solution for their business.

gPlex® SMS Blast/Text Blast solution hase created opportunities for all types of businesses. Enterprises can approach potential consumers of their business in an effective and efficient way. Using the service of SMS Blast/Text Blast for their business.

SMS Blaster Machine

gPlex® SMS Blast Solution

Reach Your Audience With SMS Blasts

Advantages of SMS Blaster

  • Customizable Campaigns: SMS campaigns can be customized as per the target audience. Bulk SMS marketing helps you create messages for everyone in your contact list or create sub-groups to send a SMS blast based on their preferences.

  • Instant Impact: An email takes more time to be delivered and read. A SMS blast software helps to carry out a message blast instantly and is delivered within 7 to 10 seconds. A text message is also read faster.

  • High Open Rate: For an ecommerce business and other traditional businesses – running a text message marketing is all about getting people to read about their services. A text message sent as part of a text marketing campaign, often, has a better open rate as compared to an email.

  • Impressive Conversion Rate: SMS comes with higher response rates as compared for email. SMS marketing has a response rate of 45% whereas email marketing has response of 6%. Most recipients respond to the SMS campaigns within minutes of the SMS blast. However, using email marketing in the best way can help to increase customer retention.

  • Minimal Effort Required from Recipients: One of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing is the concise, easy to read messaging. The 160-character length of a SMS ensures that text message marketing remains focused on creating the perfect short message to generate audience interest.