Voice Notify Service

Keep in Touch Through gPlex Voice Notifications

Deliver Voice Notify in just few minutes

gPlex® Voice Notify can dial large pool of numbers in hours. It is an automated, dynamic & interactive voice call broadcasting system.

School closures, emergency notifications, and severe weather alerts are examples of time-sensitive automated phone calls that consumers care about. However, creating notification solutions can be difficult.

Voice Notify is an efficient way to distribute or collect information by phone. There’s no costly equipment to buy, no call center staff to hire. Our web-based interface makes it easy to prepare your outbound call, placing all the tools you need to upload, record, or transcribe your audio right at your fingertips.

Take your automated phone calls to the next level with phone trees, IVRs, live transfers, and other options designed to engage and assist contacts once they pick up.
Don’t just play an advertisement, give customers the option to opt-in automatically. Provide detailed emergency instructions, and the option to get help from a live person.

How different industries use voice notification?


Send order updates and delivery notifications. Secure online purchases with two-factor authentication.

Real Estate

Notify buyers about new listings, price drops, and open houses.


Remind patients about upcoming appointments. Provide one-time passwords for patient portal security. Keep staff engaged with business alerts.

Travel & Hospitality

Use automated voice notifications to remind patrons of reservation times.

Financial Services

Alert customers about suspicious activity on accounts, low balances, overdrafts, and margin calls.


Keep constituents informed with public service notifications. Communicate emergency alerts and public health advisories to whole communities with a single click.

gPlex Digital Customer Care

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency to a Whole New Level with gPlex Digital Care!

Feature Summary:

  • Custom recordings: Record, upload, or use text to speech playback.
  • Effortless Agent Allocation: This platform ensures equal distribution of customer inquiries among agents – preventing overwork and ensuring each customer's query receives the attention it deserves.
  • Instant Customer Feedback:In this digital world, who would like to wait for replies or just sit on the problem? Of course, no one! This is where Digital Customer Care comes into play! And within a few seconds, customers can speak to an agent on the digital channels they regularly use, like email/Facebook. Ultimately, making things simple and convenient for the customers to reach the support team.
  • Boost Agent Productivity:With gPlex digital customer care, agents can quickly address the issue, without having to move from one platform to another platform. As a result, they can focus more on addressing customer needs – ultimately, leading to an increased productivity.
  • Reduced Customer Churn:Quick, efficient responses are the ultimate key to retaining customers. When your customers feel they can rely on you, they are less likely to look elsewhere for solutions. Plus, happy customers become brand advocates, spreading the word about your exceptional service to friends and family. And, with gPlex Digital Customer Care, you can always maintain a consistent brand image across all social media platforms.
  • Scalability:As your business grows, this solution can easily adapt to meet increased demand, making sure that customer service remains exceptional, regardless of your company's size.